Look Again

I am always photographing. Even when I don’t have a camera with me I try to make compositions in my mind whenever I see something interesting. Other times, I look for things to inspire me, to give me ideas. Such was the case recently, while out eating dinner. The restaurant had black and white photographs of various plants and other “objects” adorning its walls that were quite fascinating. They reminded me that for some time now I have been collecting fallen leaves, dead plants and other “objects” and storing them to use in some future photography project.  This idea was originally spawned after seeing the work of Guy Gagnon (www.guygagnon.com), who has done some amazing things with plants and flowers that are nearing, or have past the end of their lifecycle. Although I had’t forgotten my collection, I had never gotten around to doing anything with it. That was until I saw the photographs in the restaurant.


I hadn’t been out with my camera for a little while and was getting itchy fingers. I decided that since I could photograph the images that I was starting to create in my mind at home it would give me a good opportunity to use my camera. I am now slowly working through my collection of things. The images here are shot in natural light with the object placed on a piece of black felt, which just seems to suck in the light, creating a terrific contrast with the object itself.


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