Great Fun?

There is a virus sweeping the land and it is extremely contagious.  Catch it and you may never get rid of it.  It spreads rapidly and there is no known cure.  It goes by the name iPhoneography.

Many serious and professional photographers have caught the bug.  However, for some reason several seem to be embarrassed to admit they have it.  Phrases such as “great fun” are routinely used to hide just how much of a grip the bug has taken hold.  But why raise a shield?  Is it some kind of an excuse?  Is it a way of saying “this isn’t what I do for my serious photography”?  Having spent small fortunes on “real” camera gear is it a way of justifying the expenditure?  Why would we not want to admit that this is a serious part of our photography?

I have heard people say that it isn’t “real” photography and therefore it cant be used to create art.  People are entitled to their opinion, irrespective of how narrow minded it might be.  I beg to differ though.  Art is not about the tools we carry but rather how we use them to recreate vision.  I don’t much care if a photograph was taken with the latest $7,000 full frame Leica M9, a  $50 toy camera, or the iPhone: if it creates impact and invokes a reaction then it has done it’s job.  Take a look at the work of Chase Jarvis ( for example and then decide whether or not the iPhone can create art.  Art shouldn’t be discounted simply because of the tools that were used in its creation.  The more I think about it, doesn’t this argument sound familiar?  Isn’t this the same argument that “artists” used to discount photography as an art form when in it’s infancy?

The arguments will continue but one thing I am absolutely, positively sure about though is that the iPhone is liberating.  I carry my phone with me wherever I go.  It is never more than a few feet away from me, and therefore I always have a camera with me.  I have taken many pictures with my iPhone that I would never have taken otherwise, simply because I didn’t have my “proper” camera with me.

The following images were taken at Greenmount Cemetery in Baltimore City using my iPhone with the Hipstamatic App….. Great fun!!!

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  1. Arthur you are so correct about the tools one uses to creat their art. Take the images that are produced on a flat bed scanner, there is some great imaging going on with all the tools that we have thanks to the digital age.

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