Seeing in Black and White and a New Year Resolution

I was recently asked to make a presentation of my Seeing in Black and White program to the Baltimore Camera Club.  I had prepared an earlier version of the presentation a couple of years ago for a camera club workshop.  The purpose of the presentation is to describe the various tools that a photographer can use to add emphasis to black and white photographs, with a particular focus on how to previsualize the final image by considering:

  • The subject itself,
  • The angle of view, perspective and the use of line, shape, and form,
  • The use of lighting, and
  • Timing

In addition to photographs made by well known photographers I also used a lot of my own “before and after” images to help illustrate my points.  However, while looking at the images that I included in the earlier presentation I realized that my photography has moved on somewhat and most of the images were no longer representative of my current work.  Therefore I decided to rework the presentation quite a bit.  It was great fun, but it also turned out to be a tremendous learning opportunity for me.

I am constantly trying to figure out ways to take my photography to the next level and since I am so close to my work it is sometimes difficult to determine whether or not I am actually moving forward.  I don’t exactly have a plan, which may be a part of the problem.  However, I aren’t really sure that I want to constrain myself to a particular plan.  I want my photography to grow with my vision and also with my ability to tap into my inner self.  However, by updating my presentation I was able to compare where my photography was a couple of years ago and where it is today.  I could see a definite shift.  This was very exciting and therefore as my New Years resolution I have decided to put some time aside at the end of each year and compare what I am doing at that point in time with what I have done before.  Unlike most other New Year resolutions that I have made, this is one that I am actually looking forward to doing.

I put together this short video with some of my images to open the show.  If you are using a mobile device and can’t see the video, then you can use this link to the video on my YouTube channel:


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