Photographing Memories

My first real job was at a power plant in the north east of England.  It was a 30+ year old facility and there were rumors that the place would soon shut down.  That was over 25 years ago and it is still going strong.  It had been extended and upgraded several times and therefore there was a mix of old and new technology.  During quiet times, especially on a night shift, I would wander around some of the older parts that had been mothballed for years.  I would try to imagine what it must have been like to work here.  During my journey I could almost hear the sounds of heavy machinery and hissing steam, and  I could almost smell the smoke from fuel oil and coal.  I also enjoyed listening to stories from the old hands of times long gone, all of which I am sure were greatly exaggerated. One thing that was consistent in their stories is that things were much better back then.

Looking back my only regret is that I was not yet a photographer.  However, the things that I saw and felt are locked away in my memory.  Whenever I am out on my travels and see what looks like an old, abandoned power plant I yearn for the opportunity to take a trip inside with my camera to try and capture my memories.  Such was the case when I recently went on a photo shoot with fellow photographers Tony Sweet, Don Rosenberger, Karen Messick, Chuck Robinson, Don Vetter and Steve Harman to an old, abandoned distillery in Baltimore, which included an old power plant.  These images are a selection of what I took.  I feel a project in the making – now I just need to find more abandoned power plants in which I can loose myself to my memories.


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