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I was recently interviewed for an article that is going to be published in B&W Magazine about my work.  I have never been interviewed about my photography before and it was a very interesting experience.  The article will be accompanied with images from my Forest Haven – Where Time Stands Still body of work and although I was asked lots of questions about this particular project I was also asked to describe the approach I take to my photography in general.  The interviewer had looked at my other work and since the subject matter is quite varied he wanted to explore what linked them all together.  This was tough.

My first attempts at “serious” photography were from a period of time when I lived in Puerto Rico.  I had taken up scuba diving and photography became a way for me to share the magnificent and colorful underwater world with friends and family back home.  It was during these early attempts that I started to realize that in addition to sharing what I saw photography could help me capture and share thoughts, feelings and experiences.  Further, while color photography could help me describe what I saw black and white photography could help me explain how I was feeling.  The latter became much more important as it occurred to me that this is what I really wanted to share.

I hope you enjoy this audio interview.

B&W Magazine Interview – January 2011 – Click for Audio to play online in your browser, or feel free to Right Click and download to listen offline.

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