Where Crows Fly: A New Body of Work

Clearing early morning fog slowly lifts from the ground, creating ghost like figures that dance amongst tombstones looking for a place to rest.  The heat of the day prevents them from finding solace, but they will return under the veil of darkness to continue their quest.

The beat of the awakening city struggles to penetrate its dark, hulking walls.  The monotone drone that becomes a constant reminder of its presence is broken only by the cawing of crows.  The expanse of the wide open sky is interrupted by their dark, spirit like forms flying from one tree to the next.  Circling the perimeter, they rarely venture outside the walls.  It is as if they are carrying the souls of the city’s founding fathers, but do not want them to witness the harm that has been done to their creation over the centuries.

Towering stone monuments compete for attention, with inscriptions that boast of importance and accumulated wealth.  Their cold stone surfaces steal the life of the day and are as neglected and forgotten as the interred they stand sentinel over.  Decaying, crumbling and slowly disappearing into the earth, they too will eventually return to dust.

These images were taken at the Greenmount Cemetery in Baltimore using the iPhone.


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  1. Stunning images Arthur. Bravo.

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