Discovering the Subject: A Walk Along the Beach

The beach is a place for discovery.  Changing weather and tides offer endless photographic opportunities.   While high tides and wind sculpt sand dunes into remarkable shapes, the receding tide leaves behind the oceans treasures, rock pools that beg to be explored and wave patterns that add dimension to the smooth, sand surface.

I grew up by the ocean and a walk along the waters edge at low tide has always been one of my favorite things to do.  The sound of crashing waves and the smell of the ocean carried on the breeze are therapeutic and unforgettable.  Looking out to the vast nothingness of the ocean makes one wonder what lies beyond the point where sky meets the water.  It is easy to lose oneself to imagination.   Looking downwards reveals patterns carved in the sand by small creatures scurrying about seeking refuge before the tide turns.  Seaweeds and seashells left behind by the last high tide are scattered randomly for as far as the eye can see, often creating interesting patterns and textures of their own.  These are images of found objects that I captured during one such walk along the beach.

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  1. Great images Arthur! Fellow ocean/ beach lover!!

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