Something New In The Familiar

Each year we travel to Europe for our annual vacation. I grew up in the North East of England and therefore we spend some time there to catch up with friends and family. I always take my camera with me and I usually plan in advance what I would like to photograph. I am working on a long term project photographing small fishing villages close to where I grew up. The area also gives good access to industrial landscapes and natural landscapes, including the beach, sea cliffs and the North Yorkshire Moors. Lots of subject matter to work with and over the years I have amassed a collection of photographs and images that cover the entire spectrum. However, this year I was faced with a bit of a dilemma. Although I often go back to the same place to take photographs, this year I wanted to create images that were different, but I couldn’t decide how different. I needed ideas and inspiration.

Earlier in the summer I bought Susan Burnstine’s book, Within Shadows. Susan’s work has a unique style that not only brings her dreams, experiences and thoughts alive but their inherent mystery challenges viewers to create their own interpretation and meaning. Her work inspired me to think about photographing familiar subjects with a new approach. The image that accompanies is post is of Saltburn Pier, which I have photographed many times, including from this very same location. However, the image is very different from any that I have created previously.


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  1. Arthur,
    Again you have created another mood for a previously photographed place. It is difficult at times to rethink fresh ideas into old places but by using others we are able to translate into our vision.
    I like what you have done with this fresh image of Saltburn pier.

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