Paris: In a Different Light

The second leg of our vacation in Europe took us to Paris, France for a few days.  During my last visit here a couple of years ago I took the following photographs to capture the brief moment that occurs immediately before sunrise when the city’s night-lights are turned off and the remaining ambient light makes the stonework on the old buildings glow.  

Although I planned to supplement this project with some new images, I also wanted to do something a little different.  However, since Paris is one of the most photographed cities in the world doing something different was not going to be easy.  Therefore, I decided to continue making the same type of images that I had started in England earlier in my vacation.  I wanted to create images of familiar places or things in a way that was new to me.  In other words, I wanted to see familiar subjects in a different light and the following are some examples of the images I created. 

While creating these images I was reminded of my earlier post on ideas and inspiration in which I said that although I often take photographs of locations or subjects that have been photographed before, I firmly believe it’s not so much what you photograph but rather how you photograph it.  When I was trying to come up with an idea to photograph Paris in a different way I decided to build on the idea that I started back in England.  As I stated in that post, I believe that ideas are incremental and new ideas are nothing more than adaptations of older, existing ideas and can be based on a theme, feeling or experience that I have previously worked on.

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  1. What a catch, Arthur. Wonderful images. iPhone all?

  2. This is my first visit to your site. Some awesome and fantastic work.

    Where on your blog can I find out some tips and techniques for your style. Do you have a book or DVD’s or seminars.

    Please email me …

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