Lonaconing Silk Mill Revisited

I recently had an opportunity to go back to the Lonaconing Silk Mill to photograph with some friends.  All of my previous trips to the mill were during the summer and the place looked so different in the winter.  There were no leaves on the trees that surround the mill and snow that had fallen earlier in the day combined to throw more light inside the buildings.  This “new light” made me see things differently and I also began to see things that I had missed on earlier trips.  In some cases, objects and artifacts that were previously buried under a blanket of darkness were now visible, while in others the light created new opportunities to shoot subjects that I had previously photographed in a different way.  The following are a few examples of images from this trip and I intend to post these and more in my Blog Image Gallery.

On a sadder note, although it is only a few months since I last photographed at the silk mill the building has deteriorated significantly.  Heavy rainfall in the summer breached the roof, which was already in need of repair.  several sections of the roof have already collapsed and several others are propped up with wooden supports, only extending the inevitable.  As can be seen in theimages above, most of the windows are now broken and on the day I visited snow was blowing right through the building and settling on the machinery.  The Lonaconing Silk Mill is now on life support and it may not survive the winter without attention.  This rare example of American history is about to be lost forever.

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  1. Keep writing, Arthur. I love to read your posts.

  2. Stellar images as always Arthur. It is a shame that this historic place may be lost forever. We have been blessed to have been able to capture some images to preserve its memory.

  3. JB said it better than I could, so I’ll echo his comments. I was also struck by the pace of degradation to the building this last visit also. Sure did seem like there were many more broken windows than back in the summer. Your spool shot- fabulous!

  4. Not so fast……there may be some help on the way. More later. Feb 25-26 was confirmed today. Excellent work, as usual, Arthur. Hope to see you again in Feb, Arthur.

  5. Great work Arthur, keep them coming!

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