The Personal Narrative

While I photograph what I see, the images I create are often something entirely different.  Whenever a scene or subject catches my attention it is not always because of what I physically see but what I feel it could also be.  Therefore, to me the challenge in creating images from the raw photographs that capture the scene is to describe what it is that I felt when I saw the scene.  I have written before about how thoughts, feelings and experiences influence my work but after I presented my Seeing in Black and White program at the Nature Visions 2011 Expo a member of the audience commented on how different my final images were from the original photographs – my presentation includes examples of scenes that I saw and the images that I created.  Often in my work the relationship between photograph and image is the result of previsualization and although I am of the belief that the journey between the two is influenced by thoughts, feelings and experiences I am also coming to realize that there is an added dimension of imagination.  The relationship between each is not constant and the degree each influences the final image is dependent upon the story that I wish the image to convey, i.e. the personal narrative.

By way of example, I recently heard about a new App called Rainy Daze that adds the effects of rain to photographs.  After downloading the App and playing around with it I instantly saw opportunity.  I began to trawl through my archive of photographs to find those that I thought would benefit from this App and from the first image that I worked on I quickly began to loose myself to imagination.  The resulting images are not what I previsualized when I tripped the shutter and although I was obviously attracted to the scene my imagination was the dominant influence in the creation of the images.  The following are examples of what I have created so far.



  1. Great work and good post Arthur.

  2. You are an inspiration to me Arthur. Thank you for sharing your skills and ideas.

  3. Nailed it ~ IMAGINATION!!! Crossing from the literal to the imagined….a big photographic leap, we have so many tools now that ca take us there, isn’t it wonderful!
    Well said, cool images!

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