Minimalism – The Lone Tree

What is it that attracts us to trees? To some it might be their significant, ongoing contribution to life on earth, while to others it may be their use as a fuel, a versatile construction material or simply a playground.  To me it is their majestic and ancient symbolism.

They stand tall and proud, governing the surrounding landscape, reaching high to bridge the gap between sky and earth.  Several hundreds of years existence for a single tree is often only a fraction of its entire life, which fills me with wonder when considering that in its lifespan it may have already experienced many of mankind’s more significant times and events – both good and bad.

It is difficult to reconcile the fact that something can remain in just one place for its entire life while the surrounding world moves along at a frantic  pace.

A single tree in open landscape imparts a feeling of sadness and makes one wonder what might have happened that resulted in it standing alone.  The images included with this post focus on the individual tree, isolating it from its environment to emphasize its majesty and also to tell a story of loneliness and are all p[art of my new minimalism project.

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  1. Arthur, as always, love the images you have presented here. To me a single tree can represent the human emotion of loneliness, but in my mind a single tree especially like the ones perched high upon a bluff represents strength and defiance, seeing them always fills me with wonder…. I wonder what gave that one seed the ability to spring forth in such an inhospitable place. Trees; classic symbols in human imagery have always been compared to humans and life more than any other natural element. Tree of life, well rooted, family tree, branching out, family roots, the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree, etc………
    The ones you have presented here to me have many moods and evoke different emotions, from, mystical, to loneliness, to strength. Great post!

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