Haiku and Photography

Haiku, in its traditional sense is a form of Japanese poetry but, in its basic form it is the art of saying as much as possible with as few words as possible.  It is a state of mind.  There is a direct relationship between Haiku and photography because both challenge the artist to observe the immediate moment, become one with the subject and open the heart and mind.

One of my main goals in creating images is to reproduce what I saw and felt by distilling each down to its very basic form, leaving only the necessary information. I try to achieve this by keeping my entire workflow simple:

  • When I compose my subject I aim for simplicity, isolating those parts that are important and eliminating those that do not contribute.
  • During post processing, I often aim to create images with a very limited tonal range to add emphasis to the subject and to further reduce complexity.

Keeping the workflow simple allows me to give way to imagination.

The fog hides

and the mind imagines.

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  1. Great thoughts and a stunning image. Simple yes, but very rich.

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