Technology That’s Liberating

Technology plays an important part in my creative workflow, from taking a photograph to creating a final image.  Although I use a combination of film and digital cameras to take my photographs, all of my final images are created in the digital darkroom.  After scanning film or downloading files from a memory card I work on them in my computer and then either print the final images using an inkjet printer, display them online or archive them as digital images.

The process of taking photographs has not changed significantly, I am still free to go into the field and take photographs with either my film camera or my digital SLR. Although the digital darkroom is liberating, I still have to wait until I am back in front of a computer to create my images.  Since one of my goals in photography is to recreate vision and imagination and since I have very limited time to sit in front of my computer once I am back at home I have been looking for ways to streamline my workflow and keep the time between capture and final image creation as short as possible.  This is one of the main reasons why I have embraced the iPhone photography revolution – I am not tied to my computer and can start work creating final images whenever I want and wherever I am.  Although the iPhone is amazingly liberating, my image making remains constrained whenever I decide to use my digital SLR.  However, that recently changed when I discovered the EyeFi memory card.  This little device is essentially a memory card with a built in WiFi hotspot.  When used in my digital SLR I can store my photographs on the memory card and although I can still work on them later with my computer I can also automatically transfer them to my iPad wirelessly and set to work creating images immediately using my favorite photo Apps.

While out enjoying a beer the other night, I photographed my friend Lewis Katz with my Olympus EPN3 camera with the EyeFi card installed, transferred the file to my iPad and created this image before he had finished his drink.  This is very exciting.

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