Look Down

I recently went out for the day with my camera to photograph at a location I have visited on several occasions over the past two or three years.  On the days leading up to the trip and during the two hour drive to the location I became more and more daunted at the thought of what I could photograph that was different from what I had done before.  It is an interesting dilemma – I have mentioned in earlier posts that when travelling to a new location I often do some research to give me some ideas for photographs.  My dilemma on this particular occasion was how to come up with new ideas to photograph a location I am already familiar with.  When we arrived I still had no ideas.  When I set up my camera gear and started to walk around I still had no ideas.  Feeling despondent my chin went down and my eyes fell to the ground.  And that’s when I had my first idea of the day.  I decided to walk around the area in front of me and every several paces I would stop and simply search for an image at my feet.  I am sure that I looked a little strange wandering around slowly with my eyes trained to the ground, stopping every once in a while to set up my camera gear, shoot and then repeat the crazy dance over and over again.  But it was both great fun and enlightening.  The world at our feet is one that we do not normally see – we often look straight ahead, around or up high, but rarely directly down.  It is an interesting idea and one that I think I will employ again when I am struggling to find something interesting to photograph.  The following images are a couple that I created from that trip.

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