Self Portraits

Minor White argued that “all photographs are self portraits”.  I certainly subscribe to this thinking and believe that every image I create says as much about me as it does the subjects I photograph. 

Events in our lives influence our photography and the resulting images are our voice, shouting out our thoughts and feelings.  We traverse this thing called life by taking many journeys, some long and some short.  In some cases we carefully plan to arrive at a particular destination, but for others we simply close our eyes, take a leap and see what happens.  For some time I have been feeling that I need to embark on a new journey but have no clue what it is, where it will take me or how long it will take to get there.  All I know is that the journey has to commence.  The image that accompanies this post was taken during a recent trip to West Virginia with some friends and it sums up where I currently am.  Standing on a platform waiting for a train to arrive so the journey can begin.



  1. Good post Arthur. Great image. Now get to work creating more great images.

  2. This was taken at the Cass Scenic Railroad, Bill.

  3. Well done Arthur and well said.

  4. Arthur your thoughts are mirrored but this you do not know, “your” journey has begun and you are headed in the correct direction and time will reveal your destination. Of this I know as I too have been in this state of life. Embrace the unknown as if you know!

  5. Huge thought Gary Faulkner. I hope you are right. Thanks.

  6. Is that “model” who I think it is?

  7. Great post, Arthur. Feeling the inexplicable urge to move on, to move forward, is how it is supposed to be. It’s what makes you so good as a photographer. Just don’t move towards color!

  8. Depends who you think it is?????????????? 🙂

  9. Yes Chuck it is. Was lucky to have a willing model. We all had a great time at the railroad.

  10. A lovely image, Arthur, and a very important thought: it’s that feeling of restlessness that keeps us exploring our photography.

  11. Solitary Moments… A gesture away from being Crewdson-esque…
    A common thought for many artists… The writer Paul Theroux has often commented that his anxiousness to keep travelling (geographically) was a manifestation of his need to continue his personal journey and thus his travel writing was not so much about the place but his psychological journey.

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