Fog as Metaphor

Fog covered the river we were trying to photograph during a recent shoot.  I asked my friend if she could get a focus on a barely recognizable clump of trees in the middle of the river.  She could, but I could not and so I sat down on the boat launch we were shooting from and waited for the fog to lift, listening to the sound of the moving water as it meandered towards some unknown destination.  It is at these moments that my mind starts to convert scenes into metaphor, and this was no different. 

There are times when we, as individuals are encompassed in a fog that is so thick that it is difficult to make out anything and we become disoriented.  We can hear the sounds of life going on and passing us by but we don’t know precisely where we are and can’t see where we fit in.  But, as with natural fog, after a while we start to make out shapes, which become increasingly visible the more we focus on them.  As the blanket continues to unfold we start to see where we are and understand what is surrounding us.  At some point we start making decisions about what we want to focus on and we start to “compose” the next chapter in our lives.  I have been taking a lot of photographs in fog recently. 

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  1. Love your outlook and photo

  2. The fog of photography. Like the sepia tint on these images.

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