Escaping Reality

It is all too easy to believe that our everyday lives represent our purpose and being.  Although the repetitive cycle of things we do from the moment we wake until we return to sleep represents a significant amount of our existence, it is important to not loose ourselves to the mundane.  Creativity flows from imagination and imagination is born from our attempts to escape reality.

Whenever I feel the weight of mundane, I begin the search to find an escape to a place in my imagination.  More often than not, I find myself mentally scrolling through images of places I have visited, and every once in a while I gain inspiration to recreate those images from photographs I have taken.  That was true just recently when returning from a business trip.  I had taken an early morning flight, spent all day doing work stuff and returned on a late night flight.  On my return trip, tiredness began to take over and I sensed the presence of the mundane hovering above me. I sought an escape and began to recount a trip I had taken to West Virginia earlier in the month.  An amazing trip for many reasons.  I began to imagine myself in the many locations we visited and began to form images in my mind.  I had my computer with me and so I immediately went to photographs I had taken during the trip and began to recreate what I was imagining.

The images that accompany this post are from photographs I took at Seneca Rocks.  An amazing, beautiful place where the imagination can run wild.





  1. Love your shots of Seneca Rocks!

  2. Thanks Arthur…I share !!!

  3. Thanks Herve. I appreciate it.

  4. It’s not your being, it’s how you be. Your purpose in life is whatever you say it is – choice carefully.

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