The Treachery of Memory


Sitting on the banks of a fast flowing river on a spring morning, listening to the sound of a cool mountain breeze rustling the leaves of the pine scented forest I close my eyes and commit the moment to memory.

Since the images we create of a scene in front of us are absent smell, sound and touch we are limited in what we can do to recreate the entire experience.  Recreating the entire experience is one of the major challenges in photography and therefore our goal is to create images that stimulate imagination and allow our viewers to place themselves into the scene by using visual cues to arouse the senses.  For example, blurry trees suggest a breeze that allows one to imagine the rustling of leaves.  Similarly, soft, silky water helps one imagine the sound of water tumbling over rocks.

Composing the scene in front of us and creating the final image we are tasked with presenting things in a way that tells the story we want to tell.  Much like the author of a several-hundred page novel needs to grab a reader’s attention within the first few lines on the first page, our images need to grab the attention of a viewer and allow them to read beyond those first few lines and become a part of the story. Once captured, the viewer’s imagination, fueled by their own life experiences, allows the image to take on a meaning that is unique to ones self.

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