Artist Statement

A photographic image is simply a two dimensional representation of a specific subject.  Although various techniques are used to emphasize the subject and create the illusion of a third dimension, there is also a fourth dimension that draws the viewer into the image to experience the same sights, sounds, feelings and thoughts that the photographer experienced when the image was created.

Since we naturally see the world around us in its myriad of colors, the underlying mood that the photographer experienced when capturing the scene can be difficult for a viewer to feel.  To experience the mood it is therefore often necessary to strip away such distractions, not unlike the exclusion or removal of any element that is not an important part of the image.  Enter the world of fine art black and white photography.

While the photographer’s use of technique to emphasize subject can distinguish his or her style, the portrayal of mood and atmosphere gives us an insight into the mind of the photographer.  The resulting image therefore tells the viewer as much about the photographer as it does the subject.

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