Sep 11

Travels in Europe: An Opportunity to Grow

In an earlier post I mentioned that we were traveling to Europe for our annual vacation and that our first stop was in the north east of England, an area where I grew up.  I also mentioned that although I wanted to continue with some long term photography projects, I also wanted to look at subjects that I had photographed many times before in a different way.

To me, this is an important part of growing my photography.  I want to explore the range of ideas that I am developing in my mind, many of which have been inspired by the work of other photographers.  I also want my thoughts, feelings and experiences to become an increasingly important part of my work.  However, rather than thinking about this when I am preparing for a photography trip or during the process of taking photographs, I want this to become more of a subconscious process.  And this is where the real challenge lies.  Spending less time focusing on the physical act of taking a photograph and more time becoming a part of the final image. I talked about this in my earlier post entitled The Camera Points Both Ways in which I suggested that each image we create includes a part of us and therefore tells as much about the photographer as it does the subject.

The following images are from our trip to England. I plan to post other images from our trip in future blogs of familiar subjects seen in a new way.

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