May 12

Story Behind The Image

I have written previously that images are not just a recreation of what the photographer sees but what he or she also feels, experiences or imagines. I firmly subscribe to this belief as well as the belief that a photograph tells us as much about the subject as it does the photographer. Although every photograph tells a story, the ones that grab our attention are those that we relate to in some way.

During the past year I have been very fortunate to have been invited to present my work to several camera clubs, expositions and workshops in the mid-Atlantic region. During my presentations I talk about using photography to recreate vision and emotion and I use my own images as examples. For each image I show the original photograph and then describe my thoughts, feelings and experiences that influenced the final image. I enjoy doing this and so I have decided to create a new series of blog posts called Story Behind The Image. I will post an image and then describe not only what I saw but also the emotional reaction that I had to the subject. An archive of these posts will be stored separately in the Story Behind The Image section of my blog.

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