Feb 11

Patterns in Nature

I recently had a couple of spare hours and just needed to get out with my camera.   I keep a list of places that are close by that I like to go to at such times.  This time I chose to go to the Rawlings Conservatory in Baltimore, mostly because it is indoors and it was cold, wet and miserable outside.

I have visited the conservatory on several occasions and on my way there I thought about how I could create something that was different to what I had done before.  Rather than creating images that would essentially be documentary records of the plants themselves I decided that I would focus more on details, particularly patterns, shapes and forms to see if I could create something that was more abstract.  Additionally, since the sky was very overcast I thought about how the flat lighting might help bring out textures.  I go through this same mental exercise each time when preparing for a photography trip.  Although some may argue that this approach restricts creativity it helps me stay focused, especially when I only have a short period of time in which to work.

The following are a selection of the images I created during this short trip.

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