Aug 10

In Search of the Endless Summer

A travelling fair would visit the small village where I grew up in the North East of England towards the end of each summer. While it was always something to look forward to it also reminded us that the summer was almost at an end and that the long, cold winter lay ahead.

It was always exciting to see the flashing lights of the rides and hear the shrieks and screams of people as they were flung around at unbelievable speeds. The smell of different foods filling the warm night air is one of those childhood things that you always remember.

I envied the people who worked at the fair, they were able to spend a few nights at a given place and then move on to somewhere else. It was like they were chasing the sun, searching for an endless summer. As I got older the travelling fair stopped coming to my village and I couldn’t help but wonder if the workers had succeeded in their quest to find the endless summer, while the rest of us were left to prepare for the coming winter.

These images were taken at the Howard County Fair, about  a half hour drive west of Baltimore.


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