Feb 11

When Color is Not the Subject

In my last post I talked about those situations where color is an important part of a scene or subject.  I mentioned that in those situations where color is not important it can be a distraction and therefore, like any distracting elements it might be best to remove it.  I was reminded of this recently when working on a photograph that I had taken at an abandoned factory.  Some graffiti on a wall grabbed my attention and I tried to capture it.  At first I thought it was the colors that had drawn me to the scene and therefore I tried to work this into the image that I created below.

However, it just didn’t look right.  I decided to leave it for a couple of days and come back to it.  I often do this when working on images if something just doesn’t seem right.  Looking at images from a different perspective or with a different mindset often helps me focus on what it is that I want the image to say.  It also helps me decide what, if anything, needs to be changed.  When looking at this particular image again I realized that the graffiti had interesting shapes.  I also realized that the contrast between the colors of the graffiti and the wall upon which it had been painted was what had caught my attention rather than the colors themselves.  I started to wonder if the image would work better if I could emphasize the shapes and use the contrast to focus attention on the shapes.  Since the color was no longer important I removed it. I felt much better with the resulting image.

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